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Welcome to Weaponizer.

We publish Flash Fiction, longer Fiction, ongoing Serials, Comics, and now a quarterly magazine in print and download format!!

We also publish a diverse range of Nonfiction, including interviews with artists, film-makers, writers and musicians, plus devastating opinion pieces from our Staff Writers. We also blog and microblog about whatever we've found online today. Check out the WeaponWear Store WeaponWear Store for tees. hoodies and more!

Anyone can contribute to Weaponizer.

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Latest Articles:

Weaponizer Magazine

The first issue of the new-look, relaunched Weaponizer Magazine is available now! Featuring an exclusive interview with fan-favourite author China Mieville, and with an incredible cover by Mike Rooth, the magazine features exclusive content only available in print, including comics by Stref', Hey Apathy! and Darkam, new fiction by Weaponizer favourites such as C. Brian Hickey, Aaron Jacobs, and Will Couper, artwork from Veronika Von Volkova, Emmanuel Hernaez aka MojoKingBee and Dmitri Arbacauskus of Tormented Artifacts, and much, much more! Released May 2012.