Steven doesn't like it when people do weird bios for themselves. He's asked me to present his, facts only. Steven lives in New Jersey, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way - star zip code 123456. He hates things like arm wrestling Jesus, faking all those orgasms and how unoriginal his star zip is. He loves things like hugging Jesus and writing short stories or long stories or any stories really. He wants to make it very clear that Jesus is his bud, but no one can see Jesus when he's around. Jesus says it's because people don't truly believe that he would be friends with Steven. He doesn't blame them, he tells Steven. Jesus is a jerk sometimes. The psychiatrists tell him that Jesus is imaginary, but Steven knows the truth. The rest of the world just isn't ready for Jesus.

Steven is working on a few projects that aren't ready for the public yet (much like Jesus), but he'll let you all know about them just as soon as he can. You can also read some silly old stuff he wrote here on Periodical Informant.

Steven has included a picture of himself and Jesus for your consideration.

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