Ian 'Cat' Vincent was born in Gravesend on Imbolc 1964 to very lower-working-class - and rather confused - parents.

He is a lifelong student of what he usually just calls 'weird shit' - Forteana and the occult - a sentiment which was directly quoted in Gaiman's 'Sandman.'

His interests eventually focussed on 'combat magic' - psychic self-defence, counterspells, curse-breaking etc - which led to his founding of the paranormal security firm Athanor Consulting in 2001.

His interests include 'moist way' alchemy / sex magick, consciousness-altering for fun and Great Justice, the oddity and variety of human belief systems, hitting things with sharp objects, films that would delight Mason Lang and truly shitty puns. He lives in Bristol UK with two wives, one son, a cat and a very large snail.

His series on modern magic, Guttershaman, and other writing is at http://www.catvincent.com and he Twitters @catvincent.

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