owner of a restless pen, listener and maker of the musehick, culler of the skull, the insomnihack. prolific poet and multi-genre writer. made in the uk, re-tooled in the US of A. thirty books of poetry thus far, exploring the full stretch of the lyric and intellectual capacity of as many poetical forms as he can find. two collections of short stories that push and pull at science fiction and literary conventions. more websites than an army of typewriting monkeys could have formulated. paul grimsley has appeared in issue 1 of 'showcase press poetry journal'; issue 1 of 'out of the gutter'; issue 4 of 'throwragmag'; and number 4 of 'dark lady poetry'. writer, prizefighter, caffeine inspired all-nighter. tabloid mouth, broadsheet mind.

Skull Cull
Writers Prizefighters & Caffeine Inspired All-nighters

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