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Chapter 1 - WEAPON EYES, SIR

His excuse was he wasn't used to them - that there was a hair-trigger problem with the device. There were all kinds of explanations doing the rounds - that his pupils did not dilate properly and that the targeting system misread the intent of the user. Whatever the reason, the outcome was a small girl with a large smoking hole through the centre of her head. sure, they could probably use the buffered personality from her nanite riders, and they could reconstruct the physical aspects of her damaged head, but the motivation was still a problem.

Stanley, for some reason best known to himself, was unwilling to part with his black box even for a second - a second that would have verified his innocence by pinpointing the location of the impulse that had caused the gun to fire.

The mob outside was calling for him to be decompiled in the public atomiser but that was just a rabid memeplex flexing itself through the herd, so the cops weren't worried about that. What they were worried about was someone being equipped with dangerous tech out and walking the streets - it didn't bode well for the peacetime bonus they got if the crimes were kept down.

'The weapon eyes, sir? we'd like you to hand them over.'

'Hand them over? But the targeting systems are grafted into my eyes and there is a lot of additional machinery in the eye socket that had to be implanted to protect the eye itself.'

'I understand. we can give you a set of optix sighters to use until you get replacements, but the decision has been handed down to us from the judge - he wants the eyes and we're going to be selling them to pay compensation to the little girl.'

'You can't have them.'

'Son, don't be foolish.'

His comrade pulled the cop backwards as the blastshield dropped between the cop and stanley. An energy surge had made the meters in the cell's security system go off the scales. Behind that impenetrable sheet of metal Stanley sat slumped forward in his chair, a slightly smoking cauterised stump where his head had once been.

when they removed the black box they found it was indeed a malfunction in the weapon eyes, but the safety mechanism of the eyes had been disabled, otherwise it would have been non-functional due to classification of Stanley as borderline psychotic. Some you win, some you lose - if one psychotic was taken out for the wrong reason, who cared?

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